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“I am doing the mountain climbing to empower women because the future is female.” P. Nzolantima

Patricia Nzolantima has more than 12 years of entrepreneurial experience. She is very involved in empowering women. She is the founder and CEO of International Working Ladies and Bizzoly Holdings, a company and a women’s foundation. She is also co-founder and CEO of EXP-Comunicart, one of the leading marketing agencies for sub-Saharan Africa. She founded the first women’s economic empowerment hub in Kinshasa, an accelerator for women-led businesses.


As a serial entrepreneur, Patricia is experienced in leading market disruption initiatives on the African continent and has the entrepreneurial baggage and experience to successfully lead these businesses.


She is the founder of Working Ladies Cabs / Ubizcabs (the first women’s taxi driven by women in the DRC), a transport company specializing in corporate taxis, which is driven by women only and has its own application. She is also at the head of Ubizdelivery, a food delivery company, and Ubizjet, a private jet company on demand (www.workingladiescabs.com).


She is also the founder of Bizzoly FMCG SARL, a company specializing in the processing, packaging and value chain of mineral water and local food products under the Working Ladies brand.


In 2012, she was among the 63 young entrepreneurs selected in 45 countries who joined the Initiative of Young African Leaders (Mandela Scholarship Program), which was launched by President Barack Obama. Since 2013 Patricia has been a member of YSA and has participated three times at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit with a delegation from South Africa.


An inspiring and leading woman, in 2013, Patricia was named Woman of the Year by the Dutch multinational Vlisco. In 2016, she became the face of the 170 years of the Vlisco campaign. She was also the image of Rawbank in the DRC for her commitment to women’s empowerment. She is the DRC’s ambassador for Women in Africa and was named Women in Science by the L’Oréal Foundation. She is also UNESCO’s ambassador for the DRC.


In 2016, she delivered the opening speech of the Silicon Valley Global Entrepreneurship Summit and had the great privilege of being introduced by US Secretary of State John Kerry.


In 2017, Patricia became a member of the board of directors of Harvard University’s Centre of African Studies. She is a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization). In 2018, Forbes Africa magazine named her among the top 100 leaders of tomorrow, ranking 35th. She is part of the list 100 of the Choiseul Institute, “the economic leaders of tomorrow” under 40 years – she appeared on the list of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.


In 2018, in partnership with the UBA group, she launched a Visa Working Ladies prepaid card to finance women entrepreneurs’ projects through her Working Ladies Hub.


Patricia holds a master’s degree in law from the Protestant University of Congo (DRC) and a master’s degree in Business English and Marketing Management from the Cape Studies Institute (Cape Town/South Africa). She also holds the Harvard University Business School’s President Program Certificate and a Harvard Corporate Leadership Program Certificate from the Harvard University Kennedy School. Currently, she is attending a one-year program, which is called “Seed Transformation” at Stanford University Business School. She also is a philanthropist and has built a free school and a hospital for 250 orphans. Patricia is an author, she published “Caravane des Portraits”, a collector’s album telling the story of the unknown heroes of the DRC –artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, executives– who deserve to be highlighted; its aim being to provide African populations with local sources of inspiration and a better and more real image of Africa.

We are opinion leaders looking for solutions and ways to improve what already exists. This involvement will allow me to make a difference and revitalize your community.


I like to highlight women, find solutions to solve their problems. I believe in the power of networking and teamwork. I know that together we can reach more and have an impact on people’s lives in business and networking. My twelve years of entrepreneurship in Africa will bring value to Metta partners and investors. But it will also bring more visibility and connections to the economy of tomorrow’s African leaders regarding Metta in Africa.