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BIZZOLY FMCG COMPANY is a fast-moving consumer goods company – so we can encompass the majority of the Congolese population and become a pioneer in the African market, we aim at providing our clients with good-quality products at affordable prices. We want our products to become a game-changer in the shape of the African community’s culture.


It’s a 360° experience that focuses around the world of a little girl called Nyota. She is unique and a pure African product. Nyota’s experience is specially dedicated to young girls between the age of 8 and 18, and it is split into, on one hand, a series of material products, and on the other hand, some original ideas – amongst the material and merchandised products:

      • Back to school stationery products : Pen, notepad
      • Educational toys : Dolls, puzzle, coloring book
      • Publishing : Educational teen fiction and non-fiction book 
      • Food and beverages 
      • Consumer products : Flip flops
      • Health and beauty : Sanitary Pads, glosses


      • NYOTA SPA AND HAIR SALOON dedicated for children located in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
      • The launch of an application through which adolescent girls are going to be able to track information on their sexual and reproductive health and share with experts their doubts about any topic related to that.
      • NYOTA’S CODING AND BIBLIOTECH SPACE is a space where young Congolese girls are taught how to develop the skills and the confidence to use ICT technologies. By means of that apprenticeship, our goal is to bring activism and awareness amongst them as well as increase the number of women using ICT technologies productively in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; so they will be able to learn professional and leadership-based activities.
      • NYOTA CLOTHING BY LUXURY BRANDS is a ready-to-wear collaboration providing a platform to suitable foreign brands to enter some African markets.
      • AN EDUCATIONAL TV PROGRAM where Nyota gives advices on life situations that any little girl could face.



It’s a brand that targets consumers between the age of 18 and 70+ that regroups a series of products made for you and thought for you. Those products challenge convention, lead innovation, and help shape the African culture. Under Working Ladies Brand:

WORKING LADIES FOOD AND BEVERAGES puts an emphasis on a good-quality packaging of refreshments and local products. Our values around that are (i) for the products to be well protected and conserved and (ii) to create visibility and attractiveness. As a matter of fact, the presentation chosen for the packaging allows to adopt a relevant aesthetic presentation, to guarantee the good visibility of the product, display the product name, to bear the signature of the mark, to be in line with our graphic charter, and to mention useful information about the products to consumers such as the precautions for use and the expiry date. Amongst our products:


      • Refreshments and frozen products : Packaged water, ice cubes 
      • Dairy and Bakery products : Eggs, cheese from Goma, flour 
      • Seasonings : White sugar, brown sugar, white sugar cane, brown sugar cane 
      • Dry groceries : Fufu made out of maïs, fufu made out of manioc, white beans, fumbwa, mbika, chenilles, dry ndakala, pondu , (cassavas), peanut butter, soy porridge 
      • Fish & Meat : Chicken thighs, sausages from Goma 


WORKING LADIES HOUSEHOLD gathers a range of goods and products that are trusted in living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Household goods and products are a significant part of the development of the African economy. In fact, those products represent our every-day lives and it is important for us to offer a diversified and sustainable chain of the latters, minding the environmental impact their production may have. We want to bring comfort in people’s homes in Africa because our home has a strong impact on our well-being. Amongst our products we have:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towel


It’s a popcorn brand. This brand consists of empowering young single mothers and getting them out of the stalemate of poverty by providing them with a decent professional activity through the sale of popcorn, fries and donuts in strategic and secured areas in the city of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With SHEROES by WORKING LADIES, we are actively supporting the development of socio-economic activities and believe that the latters can make a huge difference in the expansion of our continent.