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The International Working Ladies Foundation’s mission is to empower women in order to help them utilize their full potential, emancipate themselves, and use their leadership to bring positive changes. It is through our four pillars, which consist of education, networking, entrepreneurship and health that the foundation wishes to perpetuate its vision.

Our vision is to look for leaders who will develop a strong business model, which will build a global community of collaborative businesswomen. Working Ladies are the new generation of African women; they are women who do not yield to corruption, but who promote the change they wish to see, while keeping the rich values that help them stand out. What we do is:

      • Envisioning a global community of businesswomen ; 
      • Empowering women by integrating the 3 P’S: POWER, PURPOSE & PLATFORM ;
      • Create a trustworthy, supportive, and growing community of women
      • Promote women in education, entrepreneurship, agribusiness, finance and in the technology sector ;
      • Provide intense training coaching & networking opportunities. 




Passionate about offering opportunity to Africa’s youth, the Working Ladies Foundation developed “Elites de Demain” (Tomorrow’s Elite); an education program offering to high achieving high school graduates the chance to pursue their studies abroad. The organization helps these students to apply for and receive scholarships, which helps to facilitate such travel expenses abroad. 

Apart from helping the youth and women entrepreneurs through Africa, the Working Ladies Foundation strives to take part in humanitarian works in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Moreover, the Working Ladies Foundation is actively involved in the field of social work through the creation and implementation of humanitarian programs. Amongst them we have ”Espoir Congo”, an organization founded in 2010, which built an entrepreneur incubator centre in Kinshasa, for the Kikimi community, and a school for 250 orphans.

The Working Ladies Foundation also launched the micro-finance project, “Femmes d’Avenir” (Tomorrow’s Leading Women), which aims at empowering women through entrepreneurship. By offering financing, training and counseling to African women as a way to enable them to launch successful business ventures, we aim at helping them to rise and overcome societal challenges that plagued their communities.

Our long-term objective is to create a development bank for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which can finance and provide technical assistance to women entrepreneurs.

Five years ago, the Working Ladies Foundation launched “Kinshasa Rose”, a mobilization against breast cancer. As a result, free mammograms have been offered to the people of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.