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We offer high-quality private transport facilities and a delivery service that meets all your needs.


a private transport service of quality

is a cab company based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which puts in contact users with drivers who provide first-class transport services to local citizens, the middle and upper class citizens and international residents of the city Kinshasa.


a private and commercial jets

 is a private jet company on demand and an online marketplace that brings together private aviation buyers and sellers giving online travel solutions about VIP transportation. In partnership with the best international private jet companies in Africa, Europa and America, UBIZJET puts more than 25000 jets at your disposition. UBIZJET accompanies you throughout your journey with an expert who is tasked to fulfil all your requests. In order to facilitate all aspects of your expectations, UBIZJET can also offer and coordinate a wide choice of services coming from a list of partners carefully selected.


the solution to all your deliveries

 is a custom logistic solution and express delivery service that provides the accurate logistic solutions for clients’ business needs. It was launched by UBIZCABS and is based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.